Professional. Intuitive. Stylish.

…the ultimate solution for your acuity charts needs!

Advanced Ophthalmic Chart (AOC) is the state-of-the-art digital ophthalmic chart featuring a sleek design and an extensive selection of tests conducted meticulously up to standards. AOC has a bidirectional remote console with visual display that includes also tests for a comprehensive near vision eye examination (NOC).
The complete set is expertly designed and meticulously tested.
AOC gives you a sophisticated, professional, high-tech, and complete tool at an affordable price.
  • All-in-one LCD vision chart.

  • FULL-HD, LED professional monitor.

  • Built-in Quad Core microcomputer with LINUX operating system for lasting reliability and stability.

  • Testing distance can be set between 2 and 8 m. Mirror function.

  • Programmable display sequences: a customized program to streamline clinical use.

  • Calibrated brightness for accurate contrast levels.

  • Randomized optotypes. Wide-ranging applications, from severely impaired vision (0.1/10) to hyperacuity (20/10).

  • Special modes for low vision and children examinations.

  • The touch screen remote console makes it immediately easy to use the instrument and puts the professional in a better working position.

  • Multimedia features: Full-HD videos with built-in audio, slideshows and entertainment for kids. Virtual Mirror.

  • The software can be easily and automatically updated free of charge.

  • Convenient table stand and wall mounting.



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