C.S.O. – Polaris

C.S.O. – Polaris

C.S.O. – Polaris

Italy’s answer to Tearscope® plus. Allows to estimate the quality of the tear film through the evaluation of tear patterns. Using a independent diffuse illumination, allows you to assess, noninvasively, the volume of tears by viewing the tear meniscus, quality and morphology of the tears film lipid layer and the NIBUT, Non-invasive break Up Time, without the use of fluorescein. It is also possible to evaluate the pre-lens tear film in contact lens wearers after fitting Polaris is compatible with any slit lamp.

C.S.O. – Polaris

How to reach us

We are easily accessible from the highway, train station and airport

  • 10 km from Verona-Villafranca Airport, Valerio Catullo
  • 4 km from Verona Porta Nuova train station
  • 6 km from the nearest motorway entrance

You can take advantage of the convenient parking at our facility.

Our headquarter
Corso Milano 110/A, 37138 Verona
Telephone: +39 045 835 2451
Fax: 045 834 2773