ADAPTICA – VISION FIT: The Wearable Adaptive Refractor

VisionFitTM is an innovative electronic, tunable, all-in one, solid state, mobile and wearable system of lenses. It performs a

subjective sight examination and it effectively replaces both the trial glasses and the manual/electronic phoropter functionality.

By using the VisionFit in combination with Adaptica’s 2WIN binocular handheld refractometer and vision analyzer, the

operator performs an objective and subjective refraction exam in a few minutes only, with maximum mobility and flexibility.

The system provides final guidance for the production of standard and customized prescription lenses and also allows

subjective refraction to be performed in association with other biomedical devices (e.g. stabilometric platform) and with other

devices used by the patient.

VisionFIT is distributed in Italy by ESAVISION TECHNOLOGY

guarda come è facile ed immediato il sistema 2win e VIsinfit

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