ADAPTICA – Portable Auto Refractometer

Completely automatic and very easy to use, the portable binocular refractometer 2WIN measures Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, pupil size, interpupillary distance, strabismus, anisoconia, phoria and accommodation testing (optional). It provides a complete objective evaluation of visual function in 7 seconds, at a distance of one meter. It allows you to objectively check the ideal binocular mode optical correction. It is the ideal tool for infants, children, handicapped individuals, or non-cooperative patient.
The 2WIN now offers two new options:
software for corneal reflexes. This application provides information about the location of corneal reflexes in different conditions. The measures are expressed in prismatic dioptersi. Included there is an occluder that allows infrared rays from 2WIN to pass, blocking all visible light: You can therefore make a reliable cover test
wi-fi to quickly transfer the data acquired on Mobiles and of course Pcs

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